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In the North Limburg Area in the South of the Netherlands you can find the largest production sites for Garden Roses of Europe. There in the beautifully situated Maas landscape you find a village called Lottum, which calls itself the Rose village of Europe. Annually over 20 million roses are bred in this area. Thus, the ideal place, for high quality roses. We enable you now to buy these roses directly through the web.They will be freshly taken from our own nursery and sent to you directly by the shortest way. Currently, you only can order bare root roses. This also applies to our stem roses. On our web shop, we also have rose related  products of Clayre & Eef and Mariline, everything with rose pictures or made out of roses . We hope you find something of interest in our web shop and looking forward to your orders.   

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Rosa AUScot

Rosa AUScot

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Rosa The Fairy

Rosa The Fairy

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