Pruning Roses


Because roses in winter always freeze in a little bit,
it is important to prune the roses short in the fall. 


We advise you as follows:

- Prune your roses to 20-30 cm from the ground.
For ground cover rose varieties, this means that there may be little or even nothing to cut back. It is therefore not necessary.

- To protect your roses from frost you can build up the soil around the roses, this in order to protect the budding extra.  


Pruning roses in the spring.

- Mid-March, the roses are to be pruned properly short, 7-10 cm from the ground.

Thus forcing the roses to develop new branches from the heart. This will result in nice beautiful bushy roses and so you avoid old bare branches (often without leaves) in the heart.

- Cut the dead wood  (brown looking) from the roses.

- Manure immediately after pruning your roses with organic manure (cow or Culterra) and repeat this 2 to 3 times per season.

- Roses in the pot, you can fertilize very well with Osmocote l. (Special container plant fertilizer.) 


However, there are some exceptions in terms of pruning roses:

- "Rugosa" Roses do not need to be pruned back every year

- Shrub Roses have not to be pruned each year.

- Climbing roses we must prune for more tips, click here.

Good luck with the pruning of your roses! Do you have any questions, please email us!

Pruning Roses


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