healthy Roses

How to take care:

When you have made a choice from the extensive varieties in Roses, it is very important to choose a proper pitch. Each rose has actually 3 needs, lots of Sun, lots of Water, lots of Manure. That is also good to pests and diseases. Of course you can avoid problems by choosing roses, which are less prone to diseases.

Healthy varieties    

Heidetraum, Heidefeuer, Schneeflocke, Maxi Vita, Neon, Nostalgie, Rosario, BonicaThe Fairy, Aspirin, Leonardo da Vinci, Augusta Luise, Ingrid Bergman, Friesia,  etc. etc. 

Starting off with choosing a healthier rose variety, it is very important to manure your roses properly. Choose normal potting soil and after planting,  end of March,  fertilize with Culterra. Also when you want to plant roses, where previously also roses were planted, it is even more important to manure very properly. In that case you can also make excellent use of rootgrow 

Culterra 10+4+6 mature specification:

·         10% Nitrogen (N)

·         4% poshphorus (P)

·         6% potassium (K)                                                                

Culterra 10+4+6 has a long lasting effect and guarantees a high efficiency. Culterra is squeezed in granule form. Intersperse the beads when rain is expected or after interspersing watering. Culterra quickly dissolves and will not wash out. 

Bare rooted roses

• Dig a planting hole of approx. 20 x 20 cm and 40 cm deep. Important is that the earth you use for filling is sufficient air permeable. Heavy soil should be mixed with potting soil;

• Remove the packaging and let the rose suck it selves full of water, preferably by putting it up to 2 days, in a bucket of water, so the roots absorb the water well.

• Make sure that the budding (inoculation) is at least 5 cm below the ground;

• Cover the roots for 2/3 with soil and abundant water. When the water is fully absorbed, crank the earth firmly and water the plant again.

• Then fertilize with Culterra

Optimal protection against pests and diseases

Although chosen for a good sunny spot and having well taken care of the roses and despite all these efforts still pests or diseases? Then you find a product in the Bayer Garden range in order to find a cure!

Click here to view the assortment and to recognize your plague. 


healthy Roses


Rosa AUScot

Rosa AUScot

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Rosa The Fairy

Rosa The Fairy

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